Need to increase your staff flu vaccination uptake?

This engaging, unique online game helps players understand the importance of the flu vaccine; and tells staff how to get vaccinated in their own organisation.

Flu Bee Game improves vaccine uptake by engaging, informing and encouraging staff to get vaccinated via their mobile phones. It will reduce your workload and increase vaccine uptake.

“Likelihood to get vaccinated improved after playing the game.”
Queen’s University Belfast 1

It is an enjoyable game app that harnesses the power of ‘serious’ games to challenge vaccine hesitancy. We developed Flu Bee with the NHS in 2016. Now in it's 7th season, it has been used by hundreds of hospitals, care homes and local authorities in UK, Ireland and France.

Staff spend an average of 3 minutes 24 seconds playing Flu Bee. How much time do they spend reading flu posters?

“Strangely addictive. A great way to learn facts about flu.”
NHS Clinical Lead

How does it work?

Flu Bee Game works on any device through a web browser and takes minutes to play. There is no downloading or signing in. The game does three very important jobs:

  • Presents  facts
  • Challenges  misconceptions about the flu vaccine
  • Encourgaes staff to get vaccinated

What's in the package?

In 5 days we can create a fully customised Flu Bee Game package to support your staff flu campaign. This includes:

  • Flu Bee Game app with your logo and links to your clinic timetable
  • Each game ends with a short anonymous survey, to capture feedback
  • 1 x roller banner with your logo (plus template)
  • 100 x A4 colour posters with your logo (plus template)
  • Templates for email signatures and screensavers
  • ‘How to’ guides to support your campaign

All we need is your logo and a link to your flu campaign intranet site. The website and the game are hosted on our secure UK-based servers, your IT department does not have to do anything. We take 100% responsibility for running and maintaining the online resources on your behalf through the flu season.

Research shows that Flu Bee is effective1

A Queen’s University Belfast study showed that 84% of student nurses who did not intend to get vaccinated changed their minds after playing the game:

“Knowledge and likelihood to get vaccinated improved. An innovative learning tool.”
Dr Gary Mitchell, Queen’s University Belfast.

COVID-19 vaccination

During the pandemic we created a new version of Flu Bee Game to address COVID-19 vaccination hesitancy. Corona Bee Game can be run alongside Flu Bee Game, and we can create a combined campaign that covers flu and COVID-19. Please contact us to discuss the extended campaign package.

What does it cost?

The price has been unchanged for 3 years. The package costs only £1,000, (plus VAT) for the entire flu season. Staff spend an average of 3 mins and 24 seconds engaged with Flu Bee. That is far longer than they spend reading posters. It is valuable time and attention.

“I had to think hard about some of the questions - I didn't know all the answers!”
Care Assistant

Pricing is per NHS Trust, Local Authority or similar organisation. For group or national pricing please email

If 5,000 staff members play the game, it will cost 20p for 3 minutes and 24 seconds of their undivided attention. And you get all the supporting campaign resources.

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1 Mitchell G, Leonard L, Carter G, Santin O, Brown Wilson C (2021) Evaluation of a ‘serious game’ on nursing student knowledge and uptake of influenza vaccination. PLOS ONE 16(1): e0245389.