Award winning

Flu Bee has been awarded the IT & Digital Innovation Award at the HSJ Value Awards 2020.

This prestigious award is in recognition of its outstanding contribution to delivering improved flu vaccination rates and patient safety.

The combination of flu and COVID-19 could be catastrophic for employers and individuals this winter. It is vital that 100% of staff get the flu vaccination.

Each year businesses across the UK run campaigns to encourage their employees to get their flu vaccination. This year that message is more important than ever.

Before the pandemic, an employee with flu spent an average of 5.6 days absent from work. The cost to their employer was £570. But the pandemic has changed everything. Flu and COVID-19 have similar symptoms. Together, they could be catastrophic. Self-isolation is inevitable, whatever the cause of symptoms.

There is no COVID-19 vaccine, but the flu vaccine prevents flu and is widely available. Flu vaccination improves safety for employers, employees and everyone else. It reduces symptoms, illness and sickness absence.

Employers should encourage all staff to get the flu vaccine. But myths, misconceptions and fake news are barriers to vaccination. Persuading staff to get vaccinated is not easy. Posters and emails are not enough.

We have a simple and highly effective solution. Flu Bee is a digital game that encourages staff to get vaccinated. It engages them on their own phone, tablet or PC. It takes minutes to play and does two vital jobs:

  1. Challenges myths and misconceptions
  2. Tells staff how and where to get vaccinated

Flu Bee is Effective

In a survey of 1,801 NHS staff 80% enjoyed playing the game and 28% had a more positive view of the vaccine after playing.

Studies show that Flu Bee Game is particularly effective for people with ‘vaccine hesitancy.’ A study at Queen’s University Belfast showed that 84% of individuals that did NOT intend to get vaccinated before playing the game, changed their mind after playing the game.

“…knowledge and likelihood to get vaccinated improved after playing the game…an innovative learning tool associated with highly statistically significant improvements in knowledge.”
Dr Gary Mitchell.
“Likelihood to get vaccinated improved after playing the game.”
Queen’s University Belfast

Back for our 5th year!

This will be Flu Bee’s 5th flu season. It has been used in over 30 NHS trusts and 300 care homes. The Scottish Government has funded Flu Bee for all NHS Scotland Health Boards for the past 2 flu seasons.

The game has been translated into French and is being used by hospitals in France.

Visit the ‘Evidence’ page to see summaries of research studies and survey results that show how effective Flu Bee can be.

What's in the package?

In 5 days we can create a fully customised Flu Bee Game package to support your staff flu campaign. This includes:

  • Flu Bee Game app with your logo and links to your clinic timetable
  • Website with your logo and links to The Flu Bee Game and your clinic timetable.
  • Each game offers a short anonymous survey, to capture feedback. We share this with you.
  • 1 Printed roller banner with your logo.
  • 100 x A4 colour posters with your logo.
  • 1,000 Lapel stickers
  • Templates for email signatures and screensavers
  • ‘How to’ guides to support your campaign

All we need is your logo and a link to your flu campaign intranet site. The website and the game are hosted on our secure UK-based servers, your IT department does not have to do anything. We take 100% responsibility for running and maintaining the online resources on your behalf through the flu season.

Please contact us to discuss your specific campaign needs.


Telephone: +44 (0)141 554 5476

What does it cost?

The package costs from £1,000, (plus VAT) for the entire flu season. Studies show that staff spend an average of 3 mins and 24 seconds engaged with Flu Bee. That is far longer than they spend reading posters and emails about flu, and they’re far more engaged.

Pricing is per organisation. For more information, contact

Flu and COVID-19

Despite COVID-19, some staff may have doubts and concerns about the flu vaccine. These concerns are often based on misconceptions. Employers must persuade staff to change their minds. Some people simply need reminding where and when to get vaccinated.

Flu Bee can help you to achieve these vital objectives.

The Flu Bee app works on any device and only takes a few minutes to play. Flu Bee Game is available to all organisations, customised to meet their needs.